Baja West Coast Kitchen

Ride the Wave of Fast Casual Pizza 

We took our inspiration from the legendary beach towns of Southern California. It's a place where "dudes" will surf all morning and play volleyball all afternoon. Fueling this active lifestyle are the fresh flavors of artisan pizzas and the bold taste of fish tacos. We knew right away we had to build a restaurant that captured the essence of the west coast attitude.


Pizzas are baked in an 800 degree Italian-made brick oven in under three minutes. Build your own or Signature Pies all for $7.50. Citrus grilled salmon, Mahi Mahi, chicken, shrimp and even char-grilled Tri-tip steak tacos are consumed en-masse by Baja loyalists. Classic surf movies contribute to the funky vibe of the dining room. Baja West Coast Kitchen is a truly unique concept.  

Reasons to invest:

  • Capitalizes on growing consumer demand for fresh, healthy fast casual dining with a broader appeal than other "pizza only" fast casual pizza concepts
  • Multiple revenue streams - dine-in, carry-out, and catering 
    Traditional dine-in and carry-out sales are supplemented with pick-up catering, delivered catering and full-service catering operations. Additionally, local community events are perfect places for vending and double as a great way to advertise your business!
  • Quality of life - 9:00 pm closing time and holiday closures eliminate extreme hours and attract high-quality staff
    Baja units close by 9:00 pm each day and observe major holidays. This is not only a benefit to the franchise owner, but also helps attract high-quality General Manager candidates looking to escape the wear and tear of late night casual dining hours. 

  • Attracts sought-after millennials
    Our fast-casual restaurant brings Baja inspired foods to a laid back atmosphere.



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